Expert FUNKE service team is GO

FUNKE Wärmeaustauscher Apparatebau GmbH has been producing high-quality heat exchangers for industrial applications for more than four decades. As further proof of its uncompromising commitment to the customer, it is now introducing a highly experienced service team, who will provide a wide range of services relating to heat exchanger repair and maintenance.


The company’s extensive product portfolio includes both high-efficiency plate heat exchangers and modern shell-and-tube heat exchangers that fulfil the most stringent quality standards.

For plate heat exchangers, we offer services ranging from general inspections and thorough cleaning to re-gasketing of plate packs. It is essential to clean plate heat exchangers regularly, to ensure that heat exchange remains as energy efficient as possible, and to minimise the risk of malfunction. Proper cleaning entails removing all organic and inorganic contamination, and checking for leakages.

FUNKE experts can clean smaller exchangers on-site. With its many years of experience, our four-person service team, headed by Rolf Sonnenburg, can properly clean plate heat exchangers in short order to ensure safe, energy-efficient operation. Larger exchangers and plate packs are dismantled, taken to FUNKE for cleaning, then reinstalled. Re-gasketing of bolted plate heat exchangers is another service offered by the team. This helps ensure that the related production processes continue to run smoothly, and includes replacing worn gasket elements.

For safety shell-and-tube heat exchanger customers, FUNKE is planning to offer on-site checks of safety pressure switches and on-site topping up of sealing liquids, so customers will no longer have to dismantle the relevant equipment and send it in to the manufacturer.

Customers can request general inspections of both plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, in which case the FUNKE team will arrive promptly in its modern, well-equipped vehicle, and will attend to the maintenance and repair of the equipment in expert fashion. To minimise the risk of heat exchangers malfunctioning, FUNKE will also offer its customers longer service contracts mandating regular inspections. Specific checks and regular cleaning can significantly extend the service life of heat exchangers, helping to avoid production downtime.

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