Design features

  • Tube bundle fixed
  • Tube side 1-, 2- or 4-pass
  • Horizontal or upright version


Based on the customised range
(siehe „Customised“ section)

Different construction regulations, customer specifications and country-specific approvals, as well as materials, can also be taken into account.

Furthermore, larger building sizes (diameter and overall length) are possible compared to the standard model series.

Special features

In this version, a double wall tube (made of stainless steel or carbon steel) with an increased contact area between the inner and outer tube is produced via hydraulic expansion technology. This results in a connection with approx. 80% tube-to-tube contact, far more than in comparable systems (significantly increased efficiency and compactness).

Due to the construction-related design, crevice corrosion is not possible.

Compared to the safety heat exchanger versions 1 and 2, no sealing medium is required for this system since the space in between is monitored by means of a vacuum. This heat exchanger can also be used for products that are not allowed to come into contact with liquids.

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